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7 Hot Chocolates You NEED To Try

7 Hot Chocolates You NEED to Try

If you love hot chocolate you’ll LOVE this blog.

Choose from 7 fabulous recipes including unicorn hot chocolate and peanut butter hot chocolate. One word, YUM!

#1 Unicorn Hot Chocolate


This Unicorn Hot Chocolate from Delish has all the colours of the rainbow (and probably all the sugar in the world) but hey you only live once right!

#2 Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate


How can you refuse this hot chocolate topped with homemade peanut butter whipped cream and chopped peanut butter cups.

#3 Red velvet and Whipped Cream Cheese

from un-deux senses blog

Wow just the description of this makes us salivate.

#4 Mint Hot Chocolate


The classic combination of mint and chocolate is always a winner.

#5 Frozen Caramel Hot Chocolate


Ok so this sort of contradicts itself (frozen and hot) BUT it sounds amazing.

#6 Nutella Hot Chocolate


Possibly the easiest recipe ever. Milk, Nutella and cream. Simple but delicious!

#7 Orange Hot Chocolate

from Miammiamyum blog

Made with fresh orange juice and topped with mini marshmallows and orange zest. Perfect after a long Sunday walk with the family

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