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Football Food Challenge

Football Food Challenge

So Euro 2016 is here and whether you like or loathe football we’ve got a great treat for you. Last year here at Mummies Club HQ we decided to celebrate the tournament through food and this year we want to share whet we did. The idea is simple take a look ahead at the game fixtures and plan your weekly menu around the countries playing that day.

Think bratwurst for Russia, fondue for Switzerland and so on. We’ll be sharing our meals and some ideas via Facebook so feel free to join us.

To get you started here is a selection of games from 10th to 16th June and a few ideas

10th France vs Romania

Ideas: from Romania try making a Chiftele – a large meatball covered with breadcrumbs or a flour crust or Frigarui a Romanian style shish kebab. If you can find it serve with Tuica a traditional Romanian alcoholic drink. From France why not have a go at moules mariniere (mussels) or give into your sweet tooth and cook up some crepes. Serve with a good french wine or if your feeling luxurious champagne.

11th Albania vs Switzerland

Ideas: for Albania why not create an Albanian style metze platter including some dried meats, salami cheese marinated olives and and stuffed peppers. For Switzerland you could opt for a traditional  fondue or a traditional Rosti (try adding Emmental and apple).

12 th Germany vs Ukraine

Ideas: traditional bratwurst sausages are readily available – cut into thick slices and season with spicy ketchup and generous amounts of curry powder, then serve usually served with french fries. For Romania whip up some traditional potato Pancakes called Deruny and serve with lashings of sour cream or create an Olivier salad made out of cooked and chopped potatoes, dill pickles, boiled chopped eggs, cooked and chopped chicken or ham, chopped onions and canned peas all mixed with mayonnaise.

13th Belgium vs Italy

Ideas: Belgium is best known for chocolate, waffles, fries and beer. Choose them all or a meal/dessert based on one or two. If you go for the fries why not keep things simple and add a lovely piece of steak. For Italy the choices are endless, pizza, calzone, pasta and of course prosecco.

14th Portugal vs Iceland

Ideas: for Portuguese food think nandos, piri piri chicken is a must all washed down with a port based cocktail. For Iceland did you know hot docs are iconic, choose a sausage with lamb if you can and serve with mustard, ketchup, raw onions, crispy fried onions and remoulade.

15th Russia vs Slovakia

Ideas: for Russia a traditional stroganoff always goes down well. For Slovakia try Halušky, similar to Gnocchi or some traditional fried fish (usually served at Christmas) with a side of potato salad.

16th England vs Wales

Ideas: England has to be pie, a traditional staple at football pitches across the country. For Wales a perfect easy to eat good would be the Welsh rarebit (posh cheese on toast).

Hope you enjoy these ideas, CLICK HERE to share your attempts on our main Facebook page and get free entry into our Footie Competition to win a £50 high street gift voucher

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