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No Cook Halloween Tea

We are all busy, I know and half term can be a struggle especially when the week is coming to an end. This year Halloween falls on the last weekend of half term which is about the time I am looking for something fun to do with the kids.

I love Halloween, not only the dressing up but the food. I don’t now why but I always love the look of Halloween food for kids. I spend the weeks running up to Halloween collecting photographs of food from Pinterest and other blogs, I always assume I will make them ready for the 31st, the problem is I never do. Those magnificent cake pops eye balls and that houmous brain dip stay as pictures on my phone.

But…… this year is going to be different! This year I am going to make a Halloween tea with no cooking, yes you read that right i’m just going to “create”. Why not join me.

Below I have put together six no cook foods and a handy shopping list. The plan is to make them all and deliver an amazing Halloween tea but feel free to just pick your favourites, as long as you (and the kids) have fun, that’s all that matters.


Ghosts and Pumpkins


Courtesy of Weelicious .com

Peel and cut the bananas, take 3 small chocolate drops and attach to the bananas as eyes and a mouth using icing or Nutella. Peel your tangerines, slice some celery and place in the top of the tangerine as a pumpkin stalk.


Eye Balls

Courtesy of Tina rupp

Scoop some balls of  vanilla ice cream, drizzle with red  ice cream sauce, add a single smartie on top and pipe a small black icing dot on the smartie.

Witches Fingers

Courtesy of Buzz feed
Take some thin sliced white bread, remove the crusts and cut into finger sized strips. Use a knife to create knucle lines (see above). Take a whole almond and place on the end as a nail, smear strawberry jam over the other end of the finger to look like blood.


Slime Soup

Courtesy of Tina rupp
Take some ready made jelly pots, scoop the jelly out into small glasses or jars, add some jelly worms.


Zombee Teeth

Courtesy of Homemade by

Core and halve some red apples, cut apples into wedges (cut half of the wedges quite flat for the bottom ‘lips’). squeeze some ready made toffee sauce onto the bottom teeth (apples) and place the mini marshmallows on top to resemble teeth. Finish with a second apple slice (top lip).


Oreo Spider Cupcakes

Courtesy of
Take some shop bought chocolate cupcakes, place a whole  Oreo on top. Use 8 liquorice laces or matchmakers as legs and finish by creating some eyes using a white icing dot then black icing dot.


Want to make it all, copy this shopping list, delete the things you already have and go shopping!

Small chocolate drops
Icing or Nutella
Vanilla ice cream
Red sauce
Black icing tube
Thin sliced white Bread
Almonds whole
Strawberry jam
Ready made jelly pots
Jelly worms
Toffee sauce
Red apples
Mini marshmallows
Chocolate cupcakes
Liquorice laces or matchmakers
White Icing tube



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