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The Beauty Of Chocolate Bark

The Beauty Of Chocolate Bark

Ok, so Easter is over but here at Mummies Club we are still into chocolate big time. This weeks blog takes things up a level and allows you (and the kids) to add some creative style to a chocolate treat. 

Making chocolate bark is possibly one of the most simplest things to do. All you need is a 15 mins to spare, two ingredients (chocolate and bits) and a few pieces of basic kitchen equipment. Scroll past the “bark bits” below to see a mini method.

Bark Bits:

The combinations for your bark creations are endless. To give you some inspiration we’ve gathered together some ideas below. Have fun!

Berries – think dried here, we like gogi, cherry and cranberry the best.

Nuts – either whole or crushed the choice is yours.

Fruits – again sticking to dried versions add some beautiful fruits like chopped apricots, dates or maybe some mango.

Seeds – adding some lovely seeds like sunflower or pumpkin can give your bark a slightly wholesome feel.

Coconut – think the lovely taste of bounty bars – yum!

Seasalt  – combine with some lovely caramel pieces for a spin on salted caramel.

Chilli Flakes – chocolate and chill have been paired together for a while now, add as much or as little as your taste buds can bear!

Sprinkles – choose from the lovely range of sprinkles available in your local supermarket baking aisle.

MORE chocolate – why not create a swirl effect with a contrasting chocolate – think beautiful white chocolate swirls in a rich milk chocolate bark.

White and dark chocolate bark with candy heart sprinkles on pape

Basic Instructions:

Melt some chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water or the microwave

Line a tray with baking paper

Pour the melted chocolate onto the baking paper

Smooth out and sprinkle with your “bark bits”

Place in a fridge for a few hours to set

Crack the bark into smaller portions and eat or share!

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